'Capturing moments you will cherish' 

(Kira Chernova, 2015)

My name is Kira Chernova and I am a photographer       

I started doing photography long before I actually took a camera in my hands. My father used to shoot film and develop it himself and I was his right hand and partner in crime. We spent hours together in a red room developing films, printing images and talking about photography. My favourite thing was to pick up developed photographs out of cold water and watch them closely. I believe, during the 90s when I was a little girl my vision of portrait photography was created. It took me years to realise the impact of my childhood in the choice of genre.

I started shooting in 2010 with a film camera. My first exposures were about the people in the streets of Saint Petersburg. My main interest has always been about the people, for that reason I enjoy shooting beauty portraits, street portraits, also reportage. My way in photography has always been through self-teaching, observing things, talking to people, reading books, also spending hours watching tutorials of great photographers and retouchers on YouTube and other sources.

When I take beauty portraits, my aim is to show each person’s uniqueness, character and attractiveness through my lens. Mostly, I enjoy shooting ordinary people and not professional models, because it is a pleasure to show a back of my camera to my clients and see how their mood change, eyes start sparkling and they see how beautiful they are.

Taking street photographs gives me flexibility how to shoot, what to capture, from street portraits, urban landscapes, close up details, to abstract geometry, blur, reflections and shadows.

Shooting reportage I keep my images candid, capturing important moments of events.


I am available for freelance work worldwide. I want to hear about your projects, please, leave your details clicking the button below. 

Self-portrait. St.Petersburg, 2017.

Self-portrait. St.Petersburg, 2017.

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